Saturday, October 3, 2009

Fun Night Out

Last night Michael, Amy, Nick, and I went to Anderson to El Patron for some out of town Mexican. It was very good, but a little more expensive then we cared for. Nonetheless we had fun catching up.

We then headed over for some bowling! We had not been in forever and needless to say I was terrible!! Anyway we had a lot of fun!

This was Andrew and I before I dropped him off to stay with Nick’s parents.

DSC02130(rev 1) 

At the bowling alleyDSC02132(rev 1)

Nick probably rolling a strike! Agh!!DSC02131(rev 1)


Meg said...

Yay for nights out! I always suck at bowling, no matter how much or little I do it... haha

Bryan - Kelda said...

I haven't been bowling in forever it seems like. Looks like fun though. I can't believe how much Andrew has grown, they really do grow fast. I can't believe that Kalleigh will be 3 in Feb. where does the time really go? I saw on meg's blog comment that you said that Andrew still doesn't have a tooth. Kalleigh didin't get her 1st tooth until she was 12m old then it seemed like she had a new one everyday :)no worries about him not having them yet. Hope you guys are well.