Friday, October 2, 2009


 DSC01916(rev 1)We are back from our trip to Atlanta and unpacked. We had such a good time, but also glad to be back to our normal routine. This first picture is at home right before we left. He looks so happy!!DSC01927(rev 1) The ride there (about 2 hours) was great. Andrew sleep a little, but “talked” to us most of the time. This is when we made it to the hotel and as you can tell he was very tired.

DSC01938(rev 1) We spent the first day resting at the hotel and left the next morning to see the GA Aquarium and World of Coke. Both were so much fun. The weather was perfect and it was almost empty, so we got spend as much time as we wanted.DSC01944(rev 1) DSC01964(rev 1) DSC01966(rev 1) DSC01979(rev 1) DSC01982(rev 1) DSC01995(rev 1) This is what Andrew looked like in the World of Coke. All those fish just wore him out!!

DSC02000(rev 1) We stopped at Chic-fi-la for a late lunch and Andrew enjoyed a fry.DSC02004(rev 1) Andrew got Oscar the Otter at the Aquarium and he just loves it!DSC02010(rev 1) The next day we went to the zoo! It was a little cold at first, but again it was practically empty which was wonderful! This is Andrew all bundled up!DSC02040(rev 1) Here is my little monkey!

We then left the zoo and went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. It was warmer outside and they had cute scarecrows that different people had made for a contest. So neat!DSC02052(rev 1) 

We found this bench that was a little hidden and decided to stop for a break of walking.

DSC02070(rev 1) DSC02069(rev 1)DSC02072(rev 1) DSC02073(rev 1) DSC02074(rev 1)

Right after the white shirt pictures Andrew proceeded to throw up carrots all over it! Luckily I pack extra clothes!

Here is Andrew again asleep!!

DSC02097(rev 1)

We had a blast!! We ate wonderful food and made memories that I can’t wait to share with Andrew when he is older. Now back to cleaning and doing laundry, BooHoo!!!


BK said...

Andrew is soooooooooo cute! The photo with his little stuffed animal from the aquarium is precious! I'm so glad that yall had a GREAT trip!

Meg said...

Awww looks like a great trip! I'm sure he will enjoy all those memories.

Carrie said...

I am glad ya'll had a great trip!

writing4612 said...

Love the pics! He looks like such a little sweetie.

Harris Family said...

SO FUN! You got some really cute pics! I can't believe how bog he is getting!!! He is precious and has the most beautiful eyes!!!