Sunday, November 8, 2009

World Vision

For the last 3 Sundays at church they have showed a video from World Vision. World Vision allows you to sponsor a child that is in need because of AIDS/HIV and/or poverty. Today the video just struck me and made me want to help. For $35 dollars a month I will be able to sponsor a child a provide them with:

  • Clean water
  • Nutritious food
  • Health care, including AIDS prevention
  • Educational opportunities
  • Spiritual nurture
  • Care for sick or dying parent
  • HIV and AIDS counseling
  • All I could think about was: “ Ok I could by one shirt less a month or not eat out one time a month.” I HAVE to do this! So needless to say I did! I am now the sponsor of 5 year old little girl from Kenya. Her name is Ekadeli and she has two sisters. She is considered a Hopechild because she is living in a community affected by AIDS or HIV. She loves to draw and play with her toys. Her family is struggling to make ends meet. I cannot wait to hear from her and I hope that my small contribution will help her and her family. I encourage everyone to sponsor a child or simply help someone in need. Far to many times we only think of what we want and not of others. Go to World Vision and change a life!!


    Saturday, November 7, 2009

    Times they are a changing…

    Andrew is no longer a little baby….He is growing up so fast! He is now crawling!!!! He started scooting last Sunday and 6 days later he is everywhere. He is crawling all over the place. Needless to say we are going to have to start baby proofing the house pronto. He is also holding his bottle all by himself. He is completely ready and proficient, but he is getting so close. If he is laying down he can feed himself very well. He is getting to be such a little man. All these changes are so exciting, but a little sad at the same time. I want to freeze time, but I also want to see him grow.

    DSC02257(rev 1) DSC02266(rev 1) DSC02205(rev 1) DSC02275(rev 1)

    Halloween 2009

    We had such a fun time this Halloween!! It was even more special because it was the first Halloween with Andrew. I can’t wait for next year when he is running around and actually trick-or-treating. This year we went to my parents, grandparents, sisters, and Nick’s parents. He loved all the attention and gifts! Mom and dad enjoyed the candy!! Andrew went as a chicken and was the cutest one ever!

    DSC02302(rev 1)DSC02283(rev 1)DSC02290(rev 1)DSC02295(rev 1)DSC02314(rev 1)

    DSC02308(rev 1)DSC02303(rev 1)

    DSC02311(rev 1)DSC02309(rev 1)

    Denver Downs Pumpkin Farm

      A few Sunday’s ago my mom, dad, sisters, their husbands and kids, Nick, Andrew, and I went to a Pumpkin Farm. It was a lot of fun and I hope it becomes a yearly tradition. Andrew did start to react to all the hay around and had watery eyes the whole time, but other than that he seemed okay. Take a look as some pics!018DSC02233(rev 1) DSC02235(rev 1) DSC02236(rev 1) DSC02237(rev 1) DSC02238(rev 1) DSC02240(rev 1) DSC02241(rev 1) DSC02243(rev 1)

    038 018 021

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    8 months

    I believe this is the funniest age so far!! Andrew is in to everything and becoming much more mobile! So what is Andrew up to this month?

    Clothes: wears 9-12 month clothes and now hates hats! He didn’t mind them before.

    Food: takes 5 to 6- 6 ounce bottles and 1 fruit and 1 veg. a day. He has not been into baby food this month! I think he wants table food, but with still NO teeth this would be kind of difficult. He does love French fries and will eat them if they are in small pieces. He loves to eat yogurt melts, puffs, and teething cookies. Is still working on the sippy cup.

     DSC02195(rev 1)

    Motor Skills: rolling over both ways, scooting on his stomach forward and backward, can go from sitting to stomach to back, can almost go from stomach to sitting  up, so basically he is all over the place!

    DSC02189(rev 1)DSC02178(rev 1)

    Sleep:  He goes to bed around 7:30-8 and usually wakes once in the middle of the night and needs a bottle and will then sleep till 6-6:30. He slept all night last night!!

    Naps: takes several small naps during the day and just stopped taking his usual cat nap around 5:30.

    Talking: Andrew now says Mama and Bye Bye and will wave sometimes. We are working on Dada! He will also shake his head no. So cute!!

    DSC02201(rev 1)DSC02197(rev 1)

    Andrew is still a great baby and loves to go places! He is now in a big boy car seat which he is not too fond of. He gets a little cranky if he is in it too long. He loves being able to sit in a restaurant high chair and buggies.

    Way Behind

    I am going to attempt to post a few different post to catch up since I am awake at 5:30am with Andrew!!