Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Don’t give up on me…

I am still here!! I feel like I am running in circles!! I have been so busy with decorating, shopping, visiting, and working. I wish I had the time to update more often, but to be honest I usually only get on the computer every other day and it is normally only for a few mins. Now that Andrew is on the move, I feel like my eyes have to be on him constantly.

Anyway here are some updates!

Andrew: He now has 2, almost 3 teeth. I have a feeling more are coming. He is crawling at full speed and is into everything. He has a huge fascination with our Blue Ray player. When we tell him “No” he gets so mad!! He is finally saying Da da!! Nick is so proud!  He is not into eating any food. He has went 4 days without taking any formula in the middle of the night!!!!!!!!!! Over the weekend he slept till 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you tell I am happy!!

Nick: Still working too hard and too much, but I am thankful he has a good job. No complaining here! Loves Andrew to death and is now so comfortable completing any task with him.

Me: I was accepted into the Master’s program at Piedmont and will begin taking classes in June. It is with a cohort in Elberton and will take one year to complete. At this point I do not see how I am going to manage, but too late now! Ha!


I hope everyone is have a great week and I hope to do better about updating!! I can’t leave you without any pictures, so here you go:DSC02456(rev 0) DSC02484(rev 0)

 DSC02498(rev 0)  DSC02518(rev 0)

These were taking on our annual girls shopping trip a few weekends back. Tons of fun!DSC02515(rev 0) DSC02514(rev 0)


Carrie said...

cute background! Cute pics!

Love ya!

See you on Sunday!


J said...

Cute photos!

Congrats on the Master's program. I'm sure you'll manage to do just fine!!

BK said...

Oh he is just so cute! If you ever need a sitter please just call me!!! :-)

Meg said...

I love the red outfit, Cash has the same one. It's so cute on Andrew, it makes me want to go home and let C wear his today :)
You'll do fine in the Masters program!! My sister managed that on top of coaching cheerleading, taking her daughter to all kinds of after school stuff that she does, teaching and home life. I have faith in you!