Monday, December 21, 2009

Into everything…

Andrew is taking great joy in finding everything in the house that he does not need. I think it is time to really baby proof. We have done the obvious things such as plug in covers and the baby gate at the top of the stairs. Now I think we need to get cabinet locks and move some things off the floor (trash cans, cords, etc.). Here are some funny pictures of Andrew getting into everything!!!DSC02562(rev 1) Yes Duncan needs a haircut bad!!

DSC02618(rev 1) DSC02583(rev 1)


Meg said...

I was thinking about this yesterday. J is bad to leave stuff around and boy is going to have to change fast! I find coins on the floor often and it's a huge fear that I'll miss one and in C's mouth it will be!
I meant to tell you I'm so glad he's sleeping all night for you now!

J said...

hehe. Him next to that big present cracks me up! Good luck with the baby proofing.