Monday, January 18, 2010

10/11 months

I am such a bad mommy! I completely thought I wrote about Andrew at 10 months!! As you can tell this will be a two for one. I really can’t believe I forgot.

Here we go:

Weight: Not exactly sure but my guess is 20 to 21 lbs and 29 inches tall.

Clothes: Wears 12 month clothes and  size 2 shoes (he has little feet). I think he will be a size 3 very soon. Hates putting on his coat, but doesn’t mind wearing a hat. I am so ready for spring!

Food: Takes 4 to 5- 7 oz bottles. This is decreasing by the day because he is eating so much table food. He is completely off baby food. He wants nothing but real people food ( I can’t blame him!). For breakfast he always has half a container of yo baby yogurt and half a banana. For lunch and supper he has a array of things. Basically whatever we are eating but just in small pieces. DSC02860(rev 0)

Motor Skills: ALL OVER THE PLACE! He is becoming so mobile and can get anywhere he wants. He is still scooting, but also pulling up and attempting to cruise. He is still not standing on his own, but it will not be much longer.

DSC02868(rev 0)

Sleep: goes to sleep around 7:30-8 and sleeps in his crib till about 11 and then refuses to sleep in it and so he goes to our bed where he sleeps till 6 am. He wakes usually just once and sometimes not at all. He has recently slept till 2 and sometimes 4 in his own crib! Honestly I don’t mind him coming to our bed because I love to snuggle some!

DSC02816(rev 0)

Naps: takes 2 naps (morning and afternoon) and usually sleeps 2 hours each.

Talking: can say mama, dada, no no, nana (banana- and associates the thing with the word), bye bye. He has really began to babble for long periods of time. It sounds like he is speaking his own little language.

Andrew is the sweetest little boy! He definitely is a mama’s boy, and I am okay by that! ;) I have a feeling if we have a girl she will be a daddy’s girl. He gets very whinny when he is tired or hungry, but other than that he is a very mellow baby. He loves to watch Barney or the Wiggles, but that is about it. Also still LOVES bath time. He starts snorting when he sees the water being turned on. Future swim star in our future?DSC02834(rev 0)DSC02853(rev 0)

We love him beyond words and thank God everyday for giving us such a wonderful gift!!!  DSC02819(rev 0) DSC02825(rev 0)  DSC02844(rev 0)  

I love the picture of him standing!! It looks like he is dancing!!

DSC02863(rev 0) DSC02866(rev 0)


Meg said...

He is soooo cute and growing up so fast. I love that picture too, he looks like a big boy! I can't believe he's eating so much table food, that seems like light years away to me but I can't wait! Baby food is sooo messy and a waste if they don't want to eat it. I feel you on the mamas boy, whew!

christycarter said...

Love the pictures! I miss him, hope to see ya'll soon.