Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Diet: Week 3

Before I start I have to correct my last post. I did not mean careless- I meant care less. I guess I was being careless, LOL!


This is week 3 of dieting and exercising. It is definitely easier than it was the first week. I also have room to improve. I do perfect during the week, but when the weekend hits that is not as true. So my goal is not to “fall off the wagon” on the weekends!! I have worked out 4 times both weeks and I hope to add on one more day and make it 5. I have also had only water or Crystal Light since day one! I DO NOT miss caffeine! I have not had one headache since stopping.

I am down 5 lbs. This is not what I was hoping for, but at least I am not gaining! As they say on The Biggest Loser, “The 2nd week is always the hardest.”

Goals for this week and WEEKEND:

Workout 5 times

Only have one splurge meal-not day!LOL!

Drink more water during the day (at work)

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christycarter said...

The third week was my hardest the scale did not move. But the next week I was down 2 lbs. So good things will come. Good luck and don't be to hard on yourself. You have great genes and your beautiful just the way you are.