Thursday, January 21, 2010

Healthy Food

Nick is such a wonderful cook and I have defiently been challenging with his cooking style. Now that we are eating more healthy, he has had fun experimenting with different recipes. Of course he does not use recipes! These are all his own creations! These were made last week.

It is hard to tell, but this is not a normal grilled chicken salad. It has  red onion, artichokes, mushrooms, and apples that was marinated in a lemon sauce.  It also had a little goat cheese and on top of a bed of spinach. YuM!

DSC02855(rev 0)

This was “inspired” by a Rachel Ray dish. This is a roasted egg plant that has been hollowed out and roasted. The hollowed eggplant was then cut up and adding with lean ground beef and bread crumbs. on top is some fire roasted tomatoes. On the side is parmesan risotto. Again YUM!

DSC02857(rev 0)

Both dishes took no more than 30 mins. For me it would have taken hours and that is why I don’t cook! Ha!

I plan on sharing more healthy dishes soon!


Carrie said...

yum keep them coming you want to feature a recipe next tuesday for tasty tuesday on my blog just email me a recipe and pic!


Meg said...

Gah, Chef Nick. I'd love to have the ideas he has, they sound awesome!!

BK said...

Looks yummy! Justin sounds like Nick, loves to cook! I love to eat ;-) especially goat cheese, so good!