Sunday, January 3, 2010

I can do it, I can do it…

I have to keep saying this in my head because I have begun my weight lose journey and hopefully my last. I want to lose 20lbs as I said before. I have lost 20 pounds before and felt better about myself than I ever had. I didn’t stay there long because I soon got pregnant and gained 40lbs. So after much thought I am going to go about this the same way I did last time. Here is the plan:

Breakfast: Slim Fast granola bar and water

Snack: raw fruit of veg. and water

Lunch: Slim Fast shake,  pretzels or 100 calorie pack, and water

Snack: raw fruit of veg. and water

Dinner: Sensible Dinner (isn’t that what the commercial says?lol!) Basically smaller portions than normally and no bread. Oh yeah and water! BLAH!

This plan doesn’t work for everyone, but it did for me. I hate thinking about what to eat and I hate to cook, having the prepared drink is perfect. I have already done this for 3 days. This has not included dinner because of New Years. The holidays are over and now there is no excuse. Also did you notice NO diet coke or sweet tea. This may be my down fall!! Pray for me!

I am also going to buy a pedometer and walk the suggested 10,000 steps a day. Does anyone know where to buy one?

I plan on reporting weekly about my weight loss, so be looking for updates!!


Carrie said...

I am right there with you I want to lose about twenty pounds this sounds like a good plan no bread or tea we can do it lol!

BK said...

Good luck- you can do it!!! I'm sure Walmart would have them, I know Target does in the fitness/sports section.

J said...

Good luck! I'm on a mission to lose ten, and this sounds like a good plan. I hate having to think about food choices and what's healthy and what's not, too. I've seen pedometers at WalMart and places like Academy Sports have a large selection. :-)

Amy said...

Robyn I know that you can do it. You were so strong willed the last time you did it!! I do think that you could splurge and have a diet coke on Friday nights!!! LOL! Anyway a pedometer can be bought anywhere that has a sports/fitness area. Get a decent one bc the cheap ones seem to calculate any movement as a step. They are very sensitive.

Bryan - Kelda said...

Have you ever thought about joining weight watchers?