Monday, February 22, 2010

Hint of Spring

This Saturday and Sunday we had a sneak peak and the spring to come! It was so wonderful and we tried to enjoy every minute. We took a long walk Sunday and pulled Andrew in his wagon. We walked from our house to our in-laws pond and snapped some cute shots.

DSC03168(rev 1)DSC03171(rev 1)

  DSC03172(rev 0)     DSC03179(rev 1)  DSC03185(rev 1) DSC03188(rev 1)  DSC03192(rev 1)

Andrew was got very quiet on the way back and we couldn’t believe that he fell asleep sitting up while going down a gravel/dirt driveway!

DSC03193(rev 1)

How did you enjoy the weather?

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BK said...

The weather was amazing!!! Love the photos!