Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

*Warning: LOTS of pictures!*

In Georgia we get snow usually once a year and today was the day!! Actually it started yesterday around 2 pm and snowed all night!! We got around 3 to 4 inches and it is beautiful!

This is around my house. How lucky am I to be able to take pictures and never see another house?

DSC02959(rev 1) DSC02960(rev 1)

This is a field in front of our house.DSC02973(rev 1)

As soon as every one was ready we headed out early this morning.

DSC02954(rev 1) DSC02956(rev 1) It was very bright!DSC02961(rev 1) DSC02962(rev 1)

Then we walked down our driveway.

DSC02958(rev 1) DSC02963(rev 1) DSC02964(rev 1) My favorite!

DSC02965(rev 1)

Duncan was loving the snow!

DSC02966(rev 1) DSC02968(rev 1)

We found a secluded spot where a plow left over from the summer was sitting and took some pictures.

DSC02970(rev 1) DSC02971(rev 1) DSC02972(rev 1) DSC02973(rev 1) DSC02975(rev 1) DSC02977(rev 1)

I hope everyone locally had a wonderful time in the snow. We are suppose to go on a date to eat and see a movie and sure hope we can make it!!


Sonja said...

Aww your little guy looked like he was having so much fun. It is beautiful around your house!! We are getting snow too, lots of snow lol. I hope you get to make it out on your date, stay safe!

BK said...

So cute!!!! Love all the photos!

Tina Leigh said...

Wow girl...those are some really GREAT pictures!! You'll see the comment I left on Carries blog....again I am sooooooooooo jealous!!!