Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine’s Day

I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine’s Day! Nick and I celebrated on Saturday with a date night! We don’t go out often alone so this was a real treat. We had planned on seeing a movie before our dinner reservations, but by the time we finished buying Andrew’s birthday gifts, my niece's birthday gifts, and last min. things for Andrew’s party, we ran out of time. I was so sad because we have not see a movie in forever, but maybe another time. We did have a wonderful dinner at Sullivan’s and the food and conversation were amazing!! I did not take pictures, sorry.

Sunday I started the morning by giving Andrew his first Valentine’s gift!! His birthday is not till the 18th so this is his last first holiday. So sad! No more cute 1st holiday shirts or bibs.  Anyway Andrew loved his huge frog and it may take him years to eat the lollipops, but they were so cute.

 DSC02987(rev 1)

We then headed to church, but let me back up. Normally Andrew wakes up around 6 and takes a nap around 8. This Sunday (much like last Sunday) he slept till 7 am. Needless to say he had no nap prior to church. He was in the nursery for 2 hours and slept in a sweet lady’s lap for only 30 mins. We had my niece's birthday party at 2, so plenty time for a nap, right? WRONG! He was ready to eat and play up till the moment we were leaving. He cried part of the way there (which he NEVER does in the car), cried and whined the whole hour we were at the party and the entire 25 min. drive home. As soon he was in my arms and rocking he was out. Needless to say my nerves were shot! Andrew is normally a very laid back baby, but he need his sleep. Happily I can say he woke in a much better mood.

How was your V day?

P.S.These are the only pictures I managed to take at the party. It was at a local skating rink. The bottom picture is of the dad. Yes he skated like a pro!

DSC02988(rev 1) DSC02992(rev 1)


Sonja said...

I know what you mean about last first holidays, its sad :(. My hubby and I haven't had a date in over a year ahh! The frog is super sweet, I bet your son is in love with him! I am glad you had a great Valentine's day!!

boo.mama said...

Skating?! I would have broken bones with only one skate, much less two!

Glad you all had a good Valentine's!