Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Update

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know I did!

Friday Nick went to a Duck’s Unlimited Banquet with his dad, so Andrew and I went out to eat with my parents. We braved the cold rain and wind, but it was worth it. We then went back to home played and then Andrew tuckered out on me, so I caught up on some t.v. It was a relaxing night alone.

Saturday Nick, Andrew, and I went shopping for some birthday party items and a picture outfit. Andrew has an apt. a few weekends from now to have his 1 year pictures made. We are taking him to Sears and I know it is not the best place in the world, but I am sure it will be fine. I plan on hiring someone for outside pictures this spring/summer. Anyway afterwards we came home and relaxed.

Today we planned on going to church, but Andrew had other plans. He normally wakes at 6 then takes a nap at 8 and is ready for church at 10. Well this morning he decided to sleep till 7, so that threw the whole schedule off. He fell asleep around 9, so h       e was still snoozing when we should have been leaving. I didn’t have the heart to wake him(advice for new parents-NEVER wake a sleeping baby unless you absolutely have to!). Later on today we are going to a Super Bowl party, so that should be lots of fun!!

How did you spend your weekend?DSC02938(rev 1)DSC02923(rev 1)DSC02922(rev 1)DSC02930(rev 1)DSC02926(rev 1)DSC02939(rev 1)


Sonja said...

Oh my his little monkey jammies are just precious! I agree that you never wake a sleeping baby, its not fun!!! I have been to Sears and I actually love their pictures! Hope you had fun at your Superbowl party!

Meg said...

I've seen great pictures from Sears before and even wanted to take C sometime. I can't wait for the party! Our Sunday mornings happen like that very often. I hate missing church but I know what happens when I wake him when he's not ready. ha!

Rebekah said...

Holy Moly! Andrew is such a big boy! I haven't stopped by in forever! He is as cute as ever! Those Valentines are so cute, too!

BK said...

Please tell me you plan on having lots of kids?!? Andrew is just the cutest!!! We hate we missed the party, hope it was fun!