Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am…

still here! I lost my camera two weeks ago and I didn’t want to post without pictures! Anyway I plan on getting a new camera this weekend. This is the longest I have not taken pictures of Andrew since he was born. I feel like I am missing so much.

We are all doing well here. We are staying busy with work and family life. It feels like there is always something going on and I like it that way. Since the weather has been so nice, Andrew and I have walked everyday this week. He loves being outside and does not make a sound the entire 30 to 45 mins. that we are walking.  I am loving this weather!!

This weekend we plan on working in the yard because we have a mess!! There are weeds every where, plants that need to be repotted, and plants that need to be moved or thrown away.  I am thinking about purchasing one of these for Andrew to use while we are working outside. 613-b0HyPnL._AA260_I think there will be a lot of time spent outside this summer. Andrew is still loving his swing and we also have a new sandbox that needs sand.

I am so happy with my life right now and I can’t wait for more!! How are you enjoying the wonderful warm weather?


BK said...

This weather is GREAT! So glad to hear that life is good! :-)

Meg said...

I am so looking forward to yard work this weekend! Let me know how the gate works. lol, I know Cash would'nt be fond.. That or he'd be busy eating the grass haha!