Sunday, March 14, 2010

My home away from home

Last Friday was a teacher work day that turned into a furlough day. I had so much to catch up on that I had to go, even if I wasn’t getting paid. I am so glad I went because I go SO much done. I cleaned, graded papers, made lesson plans, and cleaned some more. When you have 35 –10 year olds in your room throughout the day, it can tend to get a little messy. When I was finished I took some pictures to share! Keep in mind that I took these in about 10 secs. because it was beginning to thunder, so I was trying to leave. Hope you enjoy!

This is the front door and two closet doors. The book shelf contains books and dictionaries. The closet door on the left has my job squad and the door right has birthdays and my “Where will good behavior take you?” map.

   DSC03313(rev 0)

This is going left in the room. On the right is a storage container for my homeroom students extra supplies. The rolling board contains News and Important Updates. The bulletin board is for good student work.

DSC03314(rev 0)

Continuing left this is the storage and sink area. The bookshelf contains things for math centers.

DSC03315(rev 0)

This is part of the white board and contains the Essential Questions and Standards taught that day.

DSC03316(rev 0)

This is the Guided Math Center (kind of  like Guided Reading). Also the the two bulletin boards contain vocabulary and posters from math and science.

DSC03310(rev 0)


Here are my three lovely SLOW student computers. Like my Easter tree? It was a Valentine’s tree also! The bookshelf contains books for me.

DSC03311(rev 1)

This is my desk! This is where the work gets done! LOL! The book shelf beside the window is math games.

DSC03312(rev 0)

This is a view from the front door! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

DSC03317(rev 0)


Sonja said...

What a fun classroom! I love your pink Easter tree too! I have been thinking about going back to school for teaching, I can't decide lol. You do have a cute classroom though! <3 Sonja

Meg said...

Boy do I hope to have a room like that one day! It looks great and inviting to all those 10 year olds :)

BK said...

I always love looking at teacher's classrooms! Thanks for sharing!