Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This past Sunday Nick and I worked ALL day to finish our new flower bed under the tree in our back yard! We still have a ton of work to do outside and with a child it takes so much longer to do anything. I tried to occupy him outside and worked my tail off when he was taking a nap. Luckily for us he took two really good naps! We still have mulch to put down and finish our other beds. As they say “the fun never ends!”

Laying out the plants

DSC00528(rev 1)   The plants are hard to see because they are still small. We planted azaleas, hydrangeas, hostas, and few things that do not remember the name for! HA!DSC00534(rev 1)  This is one of the two rocks Nick found on a job site a few years ago. They turned out so well!DSC00535(rev 1)

The big plants are a lilac and Russian Sage that were moved because they were getting so big.

DSC00536(rev 1)

In this picture you can see the other rock.

DSC00537(rev 1)

I also planted some flower boxes and hanging pots for our porch.

DSC00531(rev 1)DSC00532(rev 1)

I am going to take more and better pictures when we apply mulch this coming weekend. Hope you enjoyed! Also say a huge prayer for my students! They are taking state test and the are so nervous!

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