Friday, April 9, 2010

Atopic Dermatitis

This is what Andrew’s diagnosis was. It is a form of eczema and the doctor believes will eventually go away.

We were advised to find a lotion, soap, and laundry detergent that is free of perfumes, dyes, or chemicals. I think this will be pretty easy to do. She gave us about 3 or 4 brands that can be found at Wal-mart. She also suggested salt baths and sun. I think we can handle the sun part if all the pollen would go away! Which might be one of the reasons it has gotten worse.

Luckily for us and him, it is not bothering him. So we are very thankful for that!

Tonight we are celebrating Nick’s 30th birthday by going out to eat at a Irish pub! Should be tasty!




Carrie said...

Have fun and tell I said Happy Birthday welcome to the 30's its great!!!

love you


BK said...
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BK said...

Hope y'all have a great birthday celebration! I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious. I always had super sensitive skin when I was smaller (still do, really) and I use sensitive skin versions of every product I use. It really does help. The dermatologist is also my lifelong friend lol. Message me the name of the MD you saw on FB if you don't mind!