Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My boys

As we were working in the yard I snapped some cute pictures! Nick had to use a rubber tire backhoe(yes I had to ask what it was called!) to move the giant rocks and Andrew just had to jump on for a few pics! Nick operates this machine all day, so it was cute to see Andrew on it! He LOVED sitting up so high and pulling all the levers!DSC00508(rev 1) DSC00509(rev 1) DSC00512(rev 1) DSC00518(rev 1) DSC00520(rev 1) DSC00525(rev 1)

Even Duncan had to join in on the fun!


BK said...

Even Duncan is photogenic, lol! Cute photos!

Katie said...

Robyn, how precious! He is so big.

Z has the same shorts, but they are red and navy. Love the green ones. ; )