Monday, April 12, 2010

My Home

I had a recent post about my home away from home (my classroom), so I thought I would do a post about my actual home. Nick and I built this house in 2005 and did a lot of the inside ourselves. It was grueling, but worth every minute. Our home is small, so this will not take long!HA!

The first several pictures are one big room.

This is the office area.


DSC00416(rev 1)


Dining Room

DSC00417(rev 1)



DSC00418(rev 1)


Living Room

DSC00419(rev 1)

Living Room

DSC00420(rev 1)  Small Hallway to the one and only bathroom

DSC00425(rev 1)

Our Bathroom, which is actually a good size.

DSC00421(rev 1) DSC00422(rev 1)DSC00423(rev 1) 

Master Bedroom

*Sorry about the stuff on the bed!*DSC00426(rev 1)

DSC00427(rev 1) DSC00428(rev 1) DSC00429(rev 1)

Andrew’s Room

DSC00435(rev 1)DSC00437(rev 1)DSC00438(rev 1)



DSC00430(rev 1)

Hope you enjoyed this little tour! I love looking at houses, so share your own!


Carrie said...

love the desk area! You know I love the rest too :D

love ya


Sonja said...

You house is beautiful, I love the color in your living room/ dining room! You did a great job on your house! <3 Sonja

Lea Liz said...

You have a beautiful home girl! I love your kicthen and all of the colors you used!!

boo.mama said...

I love your decorating style! You have a gorgeous home!

Rebekah said...

Your house is beautiful! I love your style! And...I have been wanting a necklace with Cilla's name on it too! How do we drop the hints to the hubbies?!?!