Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I want to start by saying that you for all the sweet comments about my home! Thank you so much! I LOVE decorating , but with a little one it is so hard because everything has to be put away.

Now onto the real post! We made a lot of progress with the yard. We pulled out all weeds and pruned some rose bushes. Nick cleared an area around the big tree in our back yard. This weekend we are going to buy new plants to fill all the space we have now! I think I like shopping for plants more than I like shopping for clothes, and that is A LOT!


Big space around the tree. See that white thing to the left of the tree? That is a future fire pit project!!

DSC00431(rev 1) The purple flowers are going to be moved to the ditches beside our driveway The spread really fast and are beginning to take over.  Duncan is loving the cool dirt!DSC00432(rev 1)

I LOVE this Japanese Maple !!  We need new plants for this area…

DSC00433(rev 1)

and this area.

DSC00434(rev 1)

We also planted a lot of herb seeds, but they will take awhile. I will update on our findings this weekend. If you are in the area the high schools FFA club is having their annual plant sale Wed-Sat.!! Their prices are cheap!


The Allens said...

Robyn - I LOVE your house! Oh, I so need your assistance! We just bought a house and decorating is not my strong suit. You've done an awesome job!

Carrie said...

very nice I need to get some of those purple flowers they are so pretty

Sonja said...

Those purple flowers are so pretty! I can't wait to see your final pictures of all your flowers planted! I wish the flowers around her would bloom already! <3 Sonja