Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random Picture Post

I just took some pictures off my camera and thought I would share.

Attempting to Self-Feed. Not there yet!

DSC00665(rev 1)

Went for a very quick swim last Sunday. He enjoyed it at first, but then the wind started blowing and he was done.

DSC00692(rev 1) DSC00693(rev 1) DSC00694(rev 1)

Talking on Daddy’s phone.

DSC00695(rev 1) DSC00696(rev 1)


Eating a Snack.

DSC00710(rev 1) DSC00712(rev 1)

Just hanging out.

DSC00718(rev 1) 

Enjoying his new paci. I bought this type because it has an open mouth area. With Andrew’s Atopic Dermatitis anything irritates his skin, including pacis. This seems to be helping some.

 DSC00722(rev 1) DSC00721(rev 1)

We are off to celebrate Mother’s day with a trip to the Olive Garden. YUM Oh!

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