Sunday, May 2, 2010

Singing in the Rain

We have been working nonstop this weekend to get our yard finished. We are throwing my Dad a birthday party today and we wanted everything to be some what finished. We have spread mulch, put up a border, and pulled up plants. Andrew enjoyed playing outside while we were working so hard. It was actually misting when I took these pictures, but Andrew was under the huge tree and stayed very dry!! I thought they turned out really cute!

DSC00674(rev 1) DSC00675(rev 1) DSC00679(rev 1) DSC00681(rev 1) DSC00682(rev 1) DSC00683(rev 1) DSC00684(rev 1) DSC00690(rev 1)      

I am off to finish all the last minute things on my to-list!! Have a great Sunday and be on the look out for a new look on my blog!


BK said...

Can't wait to see some photos of the yard! Hope y'all have a great time celebrating your dad's 60th!!!

J said...

Super cute pics! Hope y'all got everything accomplished, and can enjoy the yard for the cookout!

Mary Kate said...

He is so precious!!!

Meg said...

Cute pics!! Cash has those shorts and I stupidly bought 12 months and they're too small. Now they're out of stock :( I loved them though!