Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Update

I guess I should call this a week and weekend update!

I have had so much going on! We had a field trip, 5th grade reception and recognition program, and school has ended for the summer!! I still have 3 post planning days and then school starts for me next week. I have not been in school for 5 years, so this will be an adjustment!

This weekend we have been laying pretty low. We did join Kim and Ed over at Amy and Michaels for supper Saturday night! The food was great and the friends were even better!

Yesterday we went to church and then headed home to relax. Andrew took a long nap and I watched Valentine’s Day. It was a great chick flick!

Today we were hoping to get out of the house, but it has been pouring all day. I guess I could start on a paper I have due next week? Maybe…

Here are a few pictures of my sweet boy! He is now walking all the time. Every day he gets better and better.

DSC00873(rev 1)

He is also trying and succeeding on opening all the doors in the house. Nothing is safe now!

DSC00885(rev 1)DSC00889(rev 1)

He is also working on scribbling with crayons!DSC00849(rev 1)DSC00850(rev 1)

Of course I had to hang this work of art on the fridge!  DSC00852(rev 1) 

Also Duncan got a summer haircut!DSC00880(rev 1)  

I guess that is enough for now!

Have a great Memorial Day!

A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.  ~Joseph Campbell


Carrie said...

yay he is walking! Duncan looks so cute with his new do


BK said...

Love the photos!! Good luck with school, I know you'll do great!!!