Thursday, May 20, 2010

What we have been up to…

Saturday: We went to two of our friends birthday parties. We enjoyed great food and great conversations. I think Andrew had the best time. He played the entire time!

This is Andrew and Colton. So sweet!DSC00792(rev 1) DSC00794(rev 1)

He loved the motorcycle and kept crawling to it! DSC00795(rev 1) DSC00796(rev 1)

Sunday: We finally put together Nick’s new grill and we have enjoyed it several times. It has gas on one side and charcoal on the other.

DSC00798(rev 1)

Andrew has been enjoying the outdoors all week. He LOVES being outside and says “outsi” all the time!DSC00799(rev 1) DSC00805(rev 1) DSC00806(rev 1)

His walking is improving. He is still only taking a few steps at a time, but it won’t be long and he will be out running me! Hope everyone has had an awesome week. We have field day tomorrow! Fun!?


J said...

I just love this time of year, because you can be outside so often and it's so nice!

Great pics! Good luck with field day. Not sure "fun" would be my chosen term....LOL!

J said...
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Meg said...

So cute!

BK said...

Can't wait to hear about Field Day! Love the photos!