Sunday, May 2, 2010

Wiffle Ball

We had such a great time celebrating for my dad’s birthday. Everyone came over for hamburgers, hotdogs, and all the fixings. We then played wiffle ball! It was so much fun!! I hate that I didn’t take pictures, but honestly we were having so much fun that I didn’t even think about it. I was the pitcher for our team and when my mom went up to hit, she hit me right in the arm. Yes the ball is hollow plastic, but man did it hurt. Literally 2 minutes later my dad goes up to hit and knocks me in my leg! I still have red places where I was hit! I guess I should retire the pitching job.


We are all worn out from an exhausting weekend. We are expecting some rain tonight and all day tomorrow. Yuck! I am also being pulled out of my regular classroom to help tutor students that are in jeopardy of not passing our state test. Should be interesting!! Have a great weekend!

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BK said...

Sounds fun!!! Glad y'all had a great celebration!