Sunday, June 20, 2010

16 months

Can you believe this was Andrew 1 year ago!!? I could just squeeze him!! He has changed sooo much and continues to amaze me everyday. I can’t imagine I will love him more, but everyday I do!

6 months 3 6 months 4 6 months

So what is he up to this month? A WHOLE LOT!

Weight/Height: He was 22 lbs at his 15 month checkup and 30 inches tall.

Clothes: 12 or 18 months and size 5 shoe

Food: We have cut back on milk a lot (we were thinking it he was getting so full on it and he wasn’t wanting real food). He is now drinking 2 sippy cups of milk, one in the morning and one before bed. He also drink about 2 cups of juice mixed with water. He continues to be an extremely picky eater! His favorites are cheese, bananas, chicken, sandwich meat, fries, any junk food (that is my child!), pineapple, and cereal.

Motor Skills: Last month he was only taking a few steps at a time and now I can PROUDLY say he is a FULL time walker. He walks basically all the time. He is still shaky when walking on grass. He can get to a standing position without holding on to anything. He can bend down and pick something up, and he can crawl up stairs. Let’s just say I am a busy mom!

Sleep: He is sleeping great (in our bed, LOL) and hardly ever wakes up. He takes 2 naps a day in his crib with no trouble at all. I just put him in there and he falls asleep, but when the sun goes down he refuses!

Talking: I don’t even know where to begin. He says new words everyday. I wish I wrote everything down. Just some new ones that I can think of now are: colors (only recognizes yellow), up, down, please, thank you, water, milk, car, truck, vroom, choo choo, etc.

He can also tell us what a cow, cat, and dog say and point and say eyes, nose, and belly button! Too cute!

Teeth: 6 and I think one more is still coming in.

He has turned into such a clown and is constantly making everyone laugh! Also he has started to cry (sometimes) when I leave him. That is such a terrible feeling to have!

If you are still reading , bless you! Again, as I always say, this is more for my memories. Ending I would like to say that Andrew has blessed my life with such joy and laughter. I am forever grateful that God gave me such an amazing child!

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Carrie said...

so so cute!


J said...

I know you post these more for your benefit in the future than for readers, but I enjoy reading it!

He is a total cutie! Kids at that age and beyond always crack me up!