Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We spent a couple of hours outside yesterday and had the best time. I think I took a hundred pictures! Andrew will never be able to say he doesn’t have any pictures of him! HA! Outside pictures are the best. They are so colorful and fun. These are just a few!

DSC00987(rev 1) DSC01011(rev 1) DSC01100(rev 1)

Some self portraitsDSC01021(rev 1) DSC01018(rev 1)

Close up pics of some flowers and plantsDSC01076(rev 1) DSC01078(rev 1) DSC01079(rev 1) 

I was suppose to attend my first Master’s class today, but the professor found out that she has breast cancer and had surgery. We were suppose to have a makeup assignment, but she could not get the email to send. So what am I going to do with all my free time today? I am thinking about doing NOTHING!! Sounds great to me!


J said...

I love the photos - you're right, so vibrant! Love the one on the tree! Looks like your hair is getting long, I like it!

writing4612 said...

Great pictures!

Emily said...

Great pics!!! Your little man is so handsome!

Meg said...

Your hair is looking great! love the color, but I'm not seeing any curls lol! Did you give up on that?

Great pics too! Andrew is tall or Cash is short, lol don't know which one. I think C is only 28 inches, unless he hits a growth spurt soon, we've got a shrimp on our hands. haha!