Monday, June 28, 2010

Pre -4th

We had a great time this weekend and enjoyed the pre- 4th activities. We skipped out on the morning festivities on the square because it was so dang hot and I never buy anything! We did spend some of the day getting ready for our annual 4th cookout that is coming up next weekend!! We have so much to do and with a little one-nothing gets done when it needs to.

Later that night we went to the fireworks and chased Andrew around for an hour. As soon as the fireworks started he was in my lap and mesmerized! He loved every minute and kept pointing at them.

Remember this FUNNY picture from last year?

DSC01505(rev 1)_thumb

Here is the not so funny, but cute picture this year! Wow how both of them have grown!

DSC01210(rev 1)

Here are some more pictures from the night. I did not take many because I was chasing Andrew around almost the entire time. He was way more interested in chasing around little girls (no joke!).

Before we left

DSC01205(rev 1) DSC01208(rev 1)

Way past his bed time!DSC01209(rev 1)

This was Sunday morning before church. Still sporting the 4th of July apparel. Church was great! They had a patriotic song celebration! I wish I was talented enough to be able to sing.

 DSC01222(rev 1)

DSC01216(rev 1)

I have 2 more classes and then I am DONE for the summer with school! Hallelujah!


boo.mama said...

What sweet pics! Glad you all enjoyed the festivities!

BK said...

So cute, he has grown so much since last year! I always love the comparison photos!

J said...

Do not worry, you missed nothing on the square Saturday morning.

I can't believe the comparison of those two pics. Wow!

Too funny that he was chasing girls; he is such a cutie!

Enjoy your cookout on the 4th, I'm sure everything will come together just perfectly.