Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Update

We had another good and relaxing weekend for the most part. Saturday we took off to do some shopping and I should have known better than to not drive on a empty stomach. For some background knowledge: I get car sick very easily. I always have and always will. I normally drive everywhere for that reason. Anyway we went straight to eat, but by that point it was a little late. We did some QUICK shopping and headed home. TMI, but we got home right in time! Not good! We relaxed the rest of the day.

DSC00949(rev 1)

He looks so big in this picture! His 15 month checkup was the other day and he weighs 22lbs and 31 inches tall, so he is actually small for his age!DSC00895(rev 1)

Loves playing with cars and makes the sounds when he is driving them around.DSC00937(rev 1)

Sunday we spent time playing in the pool and enjoying the great outdoors. A much needed bath was needed afterward.

Such a funny picture!

DSC00906(rev 1)

He is a bird! (southern term for CRAZY!)DSC00908(rev 1)

He loves the flowers and we have to stop and check them out!

DSC00975(rev 1)

LOVES splashing the water!DSC00952(rev 1)DSC00960(rev 1)

What a MIRACLE!? How can you not believe in God!

DSC00969(rev 1)


Carrie said...

oh he is getting so big love him and you!


J said...

such a cutie! You are right: I have been in the labor and delivery room several times, and I wonder "how can anyone not believe in God, especially after experiencing a little life enter in the world"