Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Update

I managed to get ahead on most of my school work, so I did get to enjoy some of the weekend.  Saturday we did some shopping and came back to town and had dinner together.  We spent a lot of time outside Saturday and Sunday. Even though is was in the mid 90’s Andrew wanted to stay out the whole day.  I of course did not oblige to this because it just wasn’t safe and I couldn’t take it. We did manage to get some swinging, exploring, and swimming into the weekend. I did spend Andrew’s nap times on Sunday reading and writing papers.

I reluctantly had to send Andrew to the baby sitter today. I don’t have class, but I had a meeting at school and needed some time to finish another paper and more reading. As much work as this Master’s degree is, it sure is going by fast.

Below are pictures from the weekend. Andrew spent most of it in his diaper, because it was so darn hot!

DSC01119(rev 1) DSC01120(rev 1) DSC01124(rev 1) DSC01126(rev 1) DSC01130(rev 1) DSC01134(rev 1)

Have a great Monday!


Meg said...

So cute!! It is terribly hot!

The Allens said...

Those are great pictures!