Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day Trip to the Zoo

Yes, TWO post in one day! Yesterday Nick was off work, so we decided to take a day trip to the Greenville Zoo! We got there right when they opened and enjoyed a leisurely stroll around the zoo. The zoo was not crowded, so we were able to enjoy everything. Andrew was more interested this time! ( We went to the Atlanta Zoo when he was 6 months old).  They even had a toddler playground inside of the zoo. Unfortunately I did not realize my camera battery was dying.  I was unable to get many pictures, but here is what I did take.


DSC01339(rev 1)

Andrew checking out the Lion

DSC01340(rev 1) Not so sure why we sat him there!

DSC01341(rev 1)

We had a great day and for $7 for Nick and I (Andrew was FREE), we will be going back!


boo.mama said...

That looks like a fun trip! And a good deal too! I haven't been to the Greenville Zoo in years!

J said...

$7!!?? That's an awesome price. Makes me want to go; sounds fun!

The Allens said...

I haven't taken Aaron since he was six months old. I think it's time!