Friday, July 16, 2010

End of Summer

I am enjoying my last full time days at home with Andrew. Starting Monday I am going back to school to work on things for the upcoming school year. I am not staying the whole day. Anyway, Andrew and I have been loving our time together.

Tonight a group of my friends are going out to celebrate my birthday and one of my friends. We normally do local Mexican, but we are going to mix it up and go out of town. I am super excited!

Also I have again managed to workout 5 days again this week. It is so easy to find the time and energy to work out when I am not dragging home from work everyday. I hope I can keep this up when I go back to work full time. The only thing bad about working out 5 days in a row is the soreness. My muscles have had no time to rest and I am sore everywhere! I have been sore everywhere for two weeks. When will it end!?

We are hoping to meet the contractor today to discuss details on the addition. I am starting to get a little excited, but nervous at the same time!

Have a great weekend! I am off to CLEAN!

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