Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This will be a random post for sure!

I have had several people on here, facebook or in person, ask me what I am doing to workout. I mentioned on here and facebook that I have been working out on a regular basis for a while. So what am I doing? As I have said before, I TiVo Total Body Sculpt on Fit TV. It is a thirty minute show including commercials. It is mainly for sculpting and strength exercises, hence the name. I have been really looking for something with more cardio and I found it! I am pretty sure that this is a new show and it is called Weight Loss Workout and it is also on Fit TV. It is also 30 mins, but is focused on cardio. The one I did today was kickboxing with yoga stretches for the cool down. It is kind of fast paced and since it was my first time, I was sloppy. I did sweat like crazy and really felt like I got a good exercise.  I plan on alternating the two exercises.

Yesterday I went to a meeting at school and when it ended I went to my classroom to work. I love the beginning of the year and the planning and organizing. Call me crazy! I didn’t stay too long, but I did get things put back to there places. I am going to start going back next week and work a little everyday. I go back to work on the 29th for preplanning. We also have new curriculum (National Standards), so I need time to familiarize myself.

I also have been going curly with my hair lately. It is so hot to worry with blow drying and straitening. I took a  pic!

DSC01475(rev 1) 

Look out for the post tomorrow! Andrew had fun playing in the water today and I took some adorable pictures!

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J said...

2 things.

or more. lol.

1) I love your hair curly! I wish mine would do that, but alas...straight as a board.

2) I LOVE organizing. I'm right there with ya'. You will have to post pics from your classroom.

3) House plans look great! I can't wait to see the progress.

and 4) as always, Andrew is adorable!