Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shows I am Loving!

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE television!! I watch WAY too many shows, but I really do love it!

As all TV buffs know, summer is usually a downer for shows. Now that I actually have free time, I have been on the look out for new shows. I have found some really great ones! Now some of these shows are not new, but they are new to me!

Jersey Couture:Oxygen Tues. @ 10pm

I just started watching this show and I LOVE it! This reality show follows a family that is in the dress business in New Jersey. The family is hilarious and the dresses are beautiful! I would love to work at this place!



Pretty Little Liars: ABC Family Tues. @ 8pm

I really thought this would just be a teenage girl cute show, but it is so much more. It is full of mystery and suspense! Think Desperate Housewives with teenagers!


Big Brother 12: CBS Premieres Thursday @ 8pm

I watched Big Brother from day one and I can’t wait for the new season!! Yes the show is full of drama and crazy people, but I promise you will not be able to stop watching!


American Pickers: History Channel Monday @ 9pm


A little random I know! I came across this show when I couldn’t find anything else to watch, and I was in love. The show follows two brother’s quest around America to find treasures from peoples yards, barns, and basements. I love looking at antiques (even though I have none), so I love the hunt. They not only look for antiques, but cool vintage signs, car parts, and anything imaginable . Cool Show!

I could probably add a few more, but I will stop here! Have a great day!

P.S. I am two for two on working out this week! WOOT! WOOT!


boo.mama said...

OMG, I LOVE American Pickers! Crazy story, we had a garage sale when we cleaned out my grandma's house, and a guy came buy that collects antiques from Royston who said that they were coming to his house to interview him! I keep watching, waiting to see him! Lol.

Kristin @ Blue Skies said...

I have been counting down the days to Big Brother!!! I got my hubby hooked when we were dating, now we look forward to it every summer! :)

BK said...

I CANNOT wait for Big Brother!!!! I heard this is the last one though and I really hope that's not true. It's my favorite!

J said...

I have wanted to watch Amerian Pickers, but always forget and S says I can't add more shows to the DVR. ROFL! Annnd I hear a lot of people talking about Pretty Little Liars. I will have to check both of these out!

Robyn Beele said...

I hope that is not true about Big Brother!