Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Andrew 19 months

I am behind! Andrew turned 19 months on the 18th, but oh well!!

Weight/Height: close to 23 lbs and about 31 inches tall. He is still small in weight, but the doctor has never said a word!

Clothes: 18 months (12 month blue jeans), size 4 diapers, and size 5 shoe (probably size 6 soon)

Food: He is drinking 2 sippy cups of milk, one in the morning and one before bed. He also drinks about 3 cups of juice mixed with water.

Motor Skills: Running everywhere!!

Sleep: Sleeps all night and is down to 1 nap during the day for about 2 hours. He goes to bed around 8:00 and sleeps till 6 or 6:30. He sleeps a little later on the weekends. He is a morning person like his dad!

Talking: Constantly talking and saying new words. Some new words that I can think of are: trash, sit, colors (crayons), helpy (help), pee pee (No he is not ready for potty training :), please, run, I Love You (my favorite-he will point to his eye, heart, and point to me), train, diaper, milk, down, etc.

Teeth: 7 and a few more are coming through soon.

Interest: Still loves coloring, being outside, and looking at books. He has starting saying Thank You every time we give him ANYTHING! He literally looks you in the eye and says it. He will say it over and over until you say “You are Welcome!” I started early on with this, so I guess he finally picked it up. I hope it stays!!

He also loves to cuddle and jump on the bed! :)

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