Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Slow Progress

We are making slow progress with the house addition. Nick finished digging everything out for the footings and it has been sitting because of the rain. They are suppose to pour the concrete for the footings tomorrow!! I finally took some pictures!!

DSC01823(rev 1) DSC01824(rev 1) DSC01825(rev 1) DSC01827(rev 1) DSC01828(rev 1)

So it is just a hole in the ground, but I can already imagine every room!!

Other than home stuff, I have been very busy. I have helped throw two baby showers for some wonderful friends! I finished another class of my master’s that resulted in a 35 page paper. Not fun, but at least it is DONE!! I start a new class Monday. UGH! No break!!

Work has not slowed down at all. I feel like I am always running a race and never catching up or feeling like I have done enough.

However, I have enjoyed my sweet Andrew and about to enjoy a week off next week!! Praise the LORD!

Here are some pics of tonight's adventures outside. We do this every night and I just love it!

DSC01830(rev 1) - Copy DSC01836(rev 1) - Copy DSC01838(rev 1) - Copy DSC01839(rev 1) - Copy DSC01851(rev 1) - Copy DSC01853(rev 1) - Copy DSC01855(rev 1) - Copy DSC01860(rev 1) - Copy DSC01862(rev 1) - Copy DSC01864(rev 1) DSC01868(rev 1)


Good night!!

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Meg said...

I've always loved your house. I can't wait to see the end product!