Monday, September 6, 2010

This and That

I hope everyone is having a great Labor day! I am enjoying having an extra day to relax and catch up. This post is going to be a mash of lots of things. It may be a little long, but it is probably the only post this week. HA!

1) Having children is hard! I say this only because I don’t often talk about the hard parts of being a parent. Of course the good out weigh the bad, but no part of it is easy. Today Andrew has been in a terrible mood all because of a short nap. He is now down to only one nap a day which last about 2 hours. Well today his nap only lasted about 45 mins. He was woken up when Nick came in through the garage. Every since then he has been crying over EVERYTHING! Needless to say he is taking a second nap which is good for him and me!

2) Yesterday was a wonderful day! Andrew was in the best mood and we played outside most of the day. He would live outdoors if I would let him. Nick and I joke all the time about moving his bed outside! He is really into finding rocks and putting them in a bucket and then pouring the out. He also enjoys a good stick and trying to blow bubbles.

DSC01745(rev 1) DSC01754(rev 1) DSC01756(rev 1) DSC01760(rev 1)

3) House plans are creeping along at a snails pace. We are suppose to sign the final loan papers tomorrow. YAY!!! Since Nick’s dad’s business has lots of construction equipment, Nick is going to dig the footings for the new addition.  He had to dig around this weekend and locate some cables and pipes. Andrew decide to help put out flags!

DSC01770(rev 1) DSC01773(rev 1) DSC01774(rev 1)

4) I found this cute idea for a wreath the other day and I just have to make one! It looks super easy and I could make one for every season/holiday. Basically you get a foam wreath form and tie ribbon around. I can’t wait to have my craft room complete (will be located in old kitchen), so I can do things like this all the time!!


5) These little army worms are everywhere!!! They are ALL over our yard and everything I read does not sound good. Find more information here. Looking at our grass you can see little and big worms literally every few inches.  I only noticed them because they started getting on our driveway and they are all over the school I work at.

DSC01767(rev 1)

I hope everyone has a great rest of the week!


BK said...

That wreath is adorable!! I can't wait to see how yours turns out, please share photos!

Carrie said...

the wreath is super cute you know I am going to have to make one now :)

Sarah said...

looove the wreath. where did you find the tutorial? I might have to do that! army worms have been awful this year. Kyle is having to replace a customer's entire front yard that was killed by army worms.

Anonymous said...

That wreath is so cute, and it does look easy! I'm going to have to attempt that one pretty soon...