Saturday, October 2, 2010

I can breath!

I beginning the first official day of my FALL BREAK!! I have the whole week off next week and I could not be happier!  Even though I am not going anywhere or doing anything special, I am happy to be home all day with Andrew. 

I plan on spending the whole week organizing and throwing away things. I want the move into the new addition to go smoothly. I also do not want to clutter up the new part like we have done to this part of the house. Living in such a cramped space for almost 6 years has not been easy. We have decent size closets in our bedroom, but Andrew has NO closet and we have one SMALL coat closet. I LOVE organizing, but I never have the time. I just end up throwing something in the closet and hope it doesn’t crash on my head the next time I need to open the door! HA!

As I type, the block for the foundation is being laid! So exciting! They should be able to get a lot done next week since there is no rain in the forecast.

We are going to spend the afternoon shopping for fall/winter clothes!! I LOVE the shop and have not been to the outlet mall in so long. Ann Taylor Loft here I come!!

I thought I would include a list of some of my projects for next week so I can keep myself motivated.

1.) Bathroom medicine cabinet

2.) Bathroom linen closet.

3.) Makeup drawer (Bare Minerals makeup is SOOO messy)

4.) Andrew’s clothes

5.) My closet (I DO NOT look forward to this)

6.) My nightstand

7.) Desk drawers

8.) Junk drawer

9) Pantry and Fridge

10.) Coat/Junk Closet :)

11.) Mail Basket

Wow I need to get to work!


BK said...

Hooray for progress on the home! Have fun shopping and a good week off! :-)

Meg said...

Have fun!!!