Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Organizing Week: Day 3

Today I decided to tackle the bathroom linen closet, medicine closet, and my night stand.

My little helper!DSC01940(rev 1)

The linen closet was in terrible shape! I have so many products and this one shelving system holds ALL of our bathroom stuff and some extra linens.

Before: Stuff in baskets, but spilling over!

 DSC01949(rev 1) DSC01950(rev 1) DSC01951(rev 1)

After: I still have TOO MUCH STUFF, but it is a start. :)

DSC01952(rev 1)


This top shelf is all of Andrew’s wash cloths, bath toys, and extra lotions.

DSC01953(rev 1)

This is the next shelf. The stuff out of the baskets are things I use everyday. I have headbands hanging on the rod. The little clear box is rubber bands and bobby pins. The back two baskets are for extra things that I just may use one day! HA!

DSC01954(rev 1)

Another shelf that includes hair things, adult wash cloths, and the basket is Andrew’s bath items that we use every night.

DSC01955(rev 1)

The middle shelf is again extra lotions, body sprays, and nail stuff. The bottom drawer is Nick’s stuff and bulk items.

DSC01956(rev 1)

These shelves have extra linens, table cloths, humidifier, and heating pad.

DSC01957(rev 1)

Medicine Cabinet Before: This was not that bad and I really didn’t throw away much. I did clean all the shelves and rearrange.

DSC01958(rev 1) DSC01959(rev 1) DSC01960(rev 1)

This was my nightstand drawer before: It was full of old magazines.

DSC01961(rev 1) 

After: Now just my Nook (which is the best thing ever!!), journals, remotes, and etc.

DSC01962(rev 1)

So now I am sure that you are bored silly!!

Mark  items off the list!

1.) Bathroom medicine cabinet

2.) Bathroom linen closet.

3.) Makeup drawer (Bare Minerals makeup is SOOO messy)

4.) Andrew’s clothes

5.) My closet (I DO NOT look forward to this)

6.) My nightstand

7.) Desk drawers

8.) Junk drawer

9) Pantry and Fridge

10.) Coat/Junk Closet :)

11.) Mail Basket

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The Allens said...

Loved your comment about Ansel Adams. The exhibit was great if it ever comes to your area. Also love Organizing Week!