Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Organizing Week: Day 4

This was the day I dreaded the most. My closet has been awful since I had Andrew. I had a combo of maternity, small clothes, big clothes, and just right clothes. I had SOOOO many clothes that I have been holding on to for way too long. I was ready to let them go!

This is almost embarrassing, but here is the BEFORE:

Yes it was this bad! It has gotten bad in the last few week. I bought several new things for fall and they were never able to leave the bag. As you can see I could not stuff anymore clothes on the racks.

DSC01982(rev 1)DSC01984(rev 1)DSC01983(rev 1)

During the Process: This took a good 2 hours.

DSC01986(rev 1)

This gives you an idea of how many clothes were removed from the closet.

DSC01987(rev 1)

This is summer stuff that I did not have room to keep. They will go in storage. Along with textbooks from school!

DSC01988(rev 1)

These are the 3 (I added another after going through drawers) bags I am donating. I feel so great about getting rid of that much stuff.

DSC01989(rev 1)

Now Tadaah!! The AFTER:

DSC01990(rev 1)

This side is still a little crowded, but I do have a new BIGGER closet in the addition that will help soon! Here I have skirts, dresses, and jackets.

  DSC01991(rev 0)

Here are my dress pants, and neutral shirts (white, brown, and black). Sorting by color helped me to see what I DO NOT need to buy anymore of: BLACK SHIRTS!

DSC01992(rev 1)

This is the rest of the shirts.

DSC01993(rev 1)

Shoes and tanks.

DSC01994(rev 1) 

Small handbags and gloves are in the bin, scarves, and jeans.

DSC01995(rev 1)

Purses and Blankets

DSC01996(rev 1)

I also bought this today to help me sort laundry. Before I just used a laundry basket. Andrew enjoyed pushing it around. It is really big for my closet now, but again the closet that is in this new addition is going to by MUCH bigger.

DSC02003(rev 1)

One last thing! I stumbled upon someone’s blog and they did WWW (Whatcha Wearing Wednesday). Every Wed. they would post pictures from everything they wore that week. I thought this would be really fun! I love fashion and maybe this will inspire me to be more fashionable. Of course there will be days I am in sweats! Join in on the fun!!


Carrie said...

ok you can donate those clothes to your big sis (hint hint) closet looks good!!!


Jessica said...

Just reading your post made me feel good- I love a clean closet! : ) Nicely done!

BK said...

Look at you go!

J said...

I do not know how you lived with that closet. LOL! Whew. Gave me nightmares just reading about it. ;-)

I want to join WWW. Except half the week I'm in scrubs so it might be a little boring. LOL!