Friday, October 8, 2010

Organizing Week: Day 5

I ran out of time to post this yesterday. I cleaned out the mail basket, junk drawer, and Andrew’s kitchen drawer.


Junk Drawer: We clean this out ALL the time and some how it keeps returning to this state!

DSC02044(rev 1)Andrew’s Drawer/Cabinet 

DSC02047(rev 1)

Andrew has been off of formula for 6 months, so obviously this needs to be taken care of! Also we got a letter for Sam’s that Similac Advanced Formula was being recalled and you could return them for full refund. We just happen to have 2 unopened containers!!

DSC02048(rev 0)



DSC02046(rev 1)DSC02049(rev 1)DSC02050(rev 1)

I have recently gotten into coupons and I have had a mess! I want to buy an organizer made for coupons, but in the mean time I put them in envelopes.

DSC02041(rev 1) DSC02042(rev 1)

This is our mail basket. I didn’t take before pics but this is the after. The envelopes fit nicely!

DSC02043(rev 1)  

I have not updated about the house addition in a few days. They are finished with the floor!! The joists and plywood is down. Next week we will see walls!! I am going to take pictures later today.

Now I will leave you with some cute pictures of Andrew in overalls!!

Eating a nanna

DSC02052(rev 1)

Wearing my shoes!

DSC02055(rev 1) DSC02061(rev 1)

Today I am going to fix the last few projects!


Meg said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts this week. You MUST do the Wednesday post. I love to look at clothes and get ideas. Maybe I'll jump in soon, I would love to do it. I have been working on my closet for months. I was thinking of having a clothing swap instead of donating or selling first. We all have too many clothes that don't get used!

Robyn Beele said...

Meg you are so right! I am in for the clothes swap. I would love for you to join in on WWW!!