Friday, October 8, 2010

Organizing Week: Day 6

Before we get to the organizing, I wanted to show everyone my NEW shoes!! I bought the black pair last weekend and the gray and brown yesterday. While I was pregnant and went through swelling from 4 months to the a month after, so my shoe size went from a 8 to a 9. I had to give away ALL of my shoes. I am still restocking! I really feel like I could survive with these three pairs alone. Of course I do have others that I like, but I am loving these!

I am wearing these today. They are comfortable flats.

DSC02080(rev 1)


DSC02081(rev 1) DSC02082(rev 1)

DSC02083(rev 1)

I am also really digging this new polish I picked up! It is Sally Hansen  Royal Romance and it way more purple in person.

DSC02084(rev 1) DSC02086(rev 1)

Also as I said in the last post, we have more progress on the addition!!

I wish I could bottle that blue color in the background!

DSC02087(rev 1)

Crawl space under the house

DSC02088(rev 1)

What a mess!?

DSC02089(rev 1)

DSC02090(rev 1) DSC02091(rev 1)

It looks so small!! It did when we built the other part also. I just can’t imagine everything fitting!!

DSC02092(rev 1)

Now onto the hall closet. This is the one and only closet we have (expect clothes closets). It holds all cleaning supplies, games, gift wrapping things, vacuum, and extra blankets.


DSC02093(rev 1) DSC02094(rev 0) DSC02095(rev 0) DSC02096(rev 0)


  DSC02098(rev 0) DSC02099(rev 0) DSC02100(rev 0) DSC02101(rev 0) DSC02102(rev 0) DSC02103(rev 0)

Much better! I just added this picture because the roses were so pretty. Of course there is also Andrew when he was only 6 months old!

DSC02104(rev 1)

Have a great weekend! Nick and I are going to Greenville to pick out appliances!! Andrew is staying with the grandparents. He will be spoiled when we get back!

Also here is the list.

1.) Bathroom medicine cabinet

2.) Bathroom linen closet.

3.) Makeup drawer (Bare Minerals makeup is SOOO messy)

4.) Andrew’s clothes

5.) My closet (I DO NOT look forward to this)

6.) My nightstand

7.) Desk drawers

8.) Junk drawer

9) Pantry and Fridge

10.) Coat/Junk Closet :)

11.) Mail Basket


BK said...

You have been a busy bee this week! Hooray for progress on the house and I LOVE the shoes!

The Allens said...

I am looking for a pair of comfortable flats to get me through this winter pregnant. Where should I shop?

Robyn Beele said...

I bought the flats from Belks. I have seen similar ones at Shoe Carnival and Rack Room.