Monday, October 4, 2010

Organizing Week:Day 2

Monday was dedicated to Andrew’s room. I cleaned out all the summer cloths and clothes that no longer fit. I also finally packed up all bibs, burp cloths, and old shoes.

Andrew’s Pj’s


DSC01919(rev 0)


DSC01937(rev 0)



DSC01920(rev 0)


DSC01936(rev 0)



DSC01921(rev 0)


 DSC01935(rev 0)

I also found all of these Pamper’s Rewards. I am up to 886 points!!

DSC01922(rev 0)

I don’t have before’s of these drawers, but they were BAD!

DSC01930(rev 0)DSC01931(rev 0)DSC01929(rev 0)DSC01932(rev 0)

I also straightened up the rest of his room. DSC01926(rev 0) DSC01927(rev 0) DSC01928(rev 0)     DSC01938(rev 0)     This is Andrew’s little reading nook! I am so happy that he loves to read. I read so much when I was a child and I hope he enjoys for a long time!

See the blue box? I am starting something I have always dreamed of doing. I am going to put seasonal book outs and then pack them away at the end of the season. I have ordered a ton of Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving books that should be here soon.

DSC01933(rev 0)

This is what we have so far!DSC01934(rev 0)

Look what was being loaded as I was cleaning!!!DSC01924(rev 0)

Well that was a lot of pictures! Now off to class!! Yuck!

Mark two items off the list!

1.) Bathroom medicine cabinet

2.) Bathroom linen closet.

3.) Makeup drawer (Bare Minerals makeup is SOOO messy)

4.) Andrew’s clothes

5.) My closet (I DO NOT look forward to this)

6.) My nightstand

7.) Desk drawers

8.) Junk drawer

9) Pantry and Fridge

10.) Coat/Junk Closet :)

11.) Mail Basket


BK said...

Will you come to my house next? ;-)

J said...

You're on a roll! I love organizing and cleaning, but my problem is I start and then halfway through Im tired of it. LOL!

iheartorganizing said...

Love this!