Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Tidbits and Organizing Week: Day 1

I love decorating for holidays, but in the midst of trying to organize is very hard. I want things out of the house not moving in! I think I am going to skip over fall decor and wait till Christmas. This is my one addition!

DSC01890(rev 1)

Andrew has started using a fork and spoon! I randomly would hand him a spoon while he was eating, but he never seemed interested. Over the weekend he just started doing it! He is growing up!

DSC01891(rev 1) DSC01892(rev 1) DSC01903(rev 1)

Over the weekend this is what happened! The block for the foundation was laid!! This week they will be pouring the concrete and maybe we will see wood!

DSC01894(rev 1)

Someone had to sneak in the picture!DSC01895(rev 1) DSC01897(rev 1) DSC01898(rev 1) DSC01899(rev 1) DSC01901(rev 1)

Now to Day 1 of organizing: Sunday Nick and I tackled the Fridge and Pantry. This only took 30 mins.! We took everything out and cleaned the shelves and threw away expired items. It look so much better!


   DSC01915(rev 1) DSC01916(rev 0) DSC01917(rev 0) DSC01918(rev 0)

Mark one item off the list!

1.) Bathroom medicine cabinet

2.) Bathroom linen closet.

3.) Makeup drawer (Bare Minerals makeup is SOOO messy)

4.) Andrew’s clothes

5.) My closet (I DO NOT look forward to this)

6.) My nightstand

7.) Desk drawers

8.) Junk drawer

9) Pantry and Fridge

10.) Coat/Junk Closet :)

11.) Mail Basket


Sneak peek of Andrew’s Halloween costume!

DSC01910(rev 1)


Charming Wife said...

You've inspired me Robyn! I think I'm going to tackle my house this week also!

J said...

Oh gosh, a lion~~ totally cute!