Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Fun!

  This morning was the Fall Festival for the school I teach at!! I worked this morning from 10-12 and look who came to visit! I was in charge of the bouncing castle! Andrew loved it!

DSC02238(rev 1)DSC02233(rev 1)DSC02236(rev 1)

I love Andrew’s ghost shirt that I had made! It also glows in the dark!

This is Andrew this morning. He was not feeling the picture taking!

DSC02230(rev 1) DSC02232(rev 1)

Poor baby!

Anyway! The other day I finally received a new planner that ordered from here. I LOVE IT!! Take a look at the at it!

It comes with a title and I could have used a picture for the cover.

DSC02207(rev 1) DSC02208(rev 1) DSC02209(rev 1) DSC02210(rev 1)

DSC02211(rev 1)

It comes with this binder clip, so you can refer to two different calendars quickly.

DSC02212(rev 1)

  DSC02213(rev 1)

I love these stickers!

DSC02214(rev 1)

It also comes with this circle clips and a clear zipper pouch!

DSC02216(rev 0)

I am all about calendars and to do list!

Today we are going to a birthday party and then off to Anderson to buy Andrew a mattress for his BIG BOY bed! More details to come!!

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