Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sickness and Raising the Roof!

Unfortunately I had to leave work early today to pick Andrew because he was running a fever. He has been running one on and off all day. He is sleeping right now, so we will see how the night goes. He doesn’t have any other symptoms.

He was feeling well enough to play outside for a little while, so I took some picture of the addition. It is really coming along!


DSC02170(rev 1) - Copy

Close up

DSC02171(rev 1) - Copy

Side: The attic space is on top. We will eventually use this space, but we will do that much later.DSC02177(rev 1) - Copy DSC02178(rev 1) - Copy

Back of the house. A deck will be here also.DSC02179(rev 1) DSC02189(rev 1)

View of the attic. I am so happy about the storage!!

DSC02192(rev 1)

Here is my sick baby. You couldn’t tell here!

Playing some football! Andrew loves to take the ball and run and look back and smile!

DSC02172(rev 1)

DSC02175(rev 1)

Duncan and Andrew fighting over the ball!

DSC02176(rev 1) DSC02183(rev 1)

It is beginning to look a lot like FALL! This is Nick’s parents pond which is right around the bend from our house. Beautiful!

DSC02186(rev 1) DSC02188(rev 1)

Say a prayer for Andrew!


BK said...

It's coming along so quickly!! Hope Andrew feels better soon!

Amy said...

The new addition looks great, it's huge!! I hope Andrew is feeling better.