Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Watcha Wearing Wednesday


These are some outfits I have worn since last Wednesday. I am struggling on shirts right now because I put away all of my summer clothes. Of course it goes back to 85 degree weather. Anyway this is what I have! Nothing exciting and yes one shirt is worn twice. Also I have to mention that I do not normally wear jeans to work everyday, buy have a fundraiser right now for teachers to wear jeans this whole month!! I am taking advantage!

Wed.Friday Mon   Tues (1) 

DSC02138(rev 1)Thurs.

I hope more people join in!! I want ideas for outfits!


Carrie said...

I need to start doing this I need ideas too

Amy said...

I will join in as soon as I can wear normal clothes!! You look great!!!

The Allens said...

FUN! But I am pretty limited on my fashion choices for a while. :) Kelly's Ma-Maw's pie was VERY good. I would increase the corn starch next time I made it, though. I am going to try 1/3 c I would also boil it for a while (at least three minutes) stirring constantly. It didn't set up well although it did better once refridgerated. The taste was excellent, though, so it is worth working with!

Project Shannon said...

hey - I found you through Jen's blog over at IHO! I was just planning a post like this on my blog, but I'm only on day 3. Great idea!

I'm hosting a giveaway over at my blog, if you want to swing by! Project Shannon's giveaway

Happy Friday!

Meg said...

LOVE it! I'm going to jump in soon. Although my clothes are boring since the only time I dress up is if we go out (which is of course, rare).

J said...

I'm going to join as soon as I remember to take a photo of myself and what I'm wearing. bahaha. Love all your cute flats!