Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Watcha Wearing Wednesday

I did terrible this week!! My camera’s battery is almost dead. I have to charge it everyday and I forgot to A LOT this week. I have two pictures to share! I will try to do better next week. If you are joining in please leave a comment and let me know!

This shirt and blue jeans are from Ann Taylor Loft outlet. I LOVE the jeans!! The are dressy and so comfortable. My sister, Carrie made the flower pin. So cute!

DSC02149(rev 1)

I have had this denim jacket for a few years. I think it came from Kohls. Underneath is a tank from Ann Taylor Loft Outlet. The black dress pants are from Ann Taylor loft online. What can I say? I love me some ATL! The clothes just fit me so well! I am always checking their website sale page. They update it often and I can usual find good deals!

DSC02164(rev 1)

I stayed home with Andrew today because he was still running a fever this morning, but it went away quickly. He is still very whiny and ill, but feeling better. He is napping now, so maybe the sleep will help. Thanks for everyone’s prayers on here and facebook!

I even put him to work today! He loves push ANYTHING around. BTW, I don’t normally clean the hardwood floors with this cleaner. It is very streaky, but I was desperate and out of the normal stuff I use.

DSC02194(rev 1) DSC02195(rev 1) DSC02196(rev 1)

I am going to enjoy a few peaceful hours!


Carrie said...

love the outfits! I hope Andrew feels better soon!

BK said...

I love ATL too! That's my favorite store ever!!

Meg said...

You always look adorable Robyn! I want to participate, but I've got to get a full length mirror instead of climbing on the side of my tub to see my full outfit :)

I bet it's teething related since he's getting in a lot. Cash always runs a fever with teeth!
What do you mop with? I usually use Orange Glo Hardwood stuff but I just tried out one of those steam mops, I'm still undecided though.

Robyn Beele said...

Meg I use Bruce hardwood cleaner. It comes in a spray. IT IS WONDERFUL! I can only find it at Lowes.

J said...

We use bona on our hardwoods and I hate it. I don't feel like it cleans very well. I will have to try out the ones you guys use. I would like to try the shark steamer mop, but we don't have one yet. LOL! Hope Andrew is feeling better!

& I'm with Meg. I can't participate in the WWW until I have a full length mirror. lol