Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Watcha Wearing Wednesday

I am having trouble getting a good picture. It is still dark outside when I take it and the reflection off the mirror is hard to deal with. Sorry!

DSC02203(rev 1) DSC02228(rev 1) DSC02268(rev 1) DSC02281(rev 1)

Taking a picture of yourself everyday definitely helps with not letting yourself gain any extra pounds!

Also in other news Andrew has officially graduated to a FULL size bed and sleeping alone!! The transition was much easier than I expected. He just took to it completely. I started the first several nights by laying down with him until he fell asleep. He sleep all night with no problems. Tonight I laid him down without staying with him and he fussed a little, but went right to sleep. My big boy!! I have been a little sad because I loved having him so close, but our bed is only a queen and he is getting bigger by the day. Now Nick and I can enjoy a more comfortable sleep!

Don’t judge,but we also got him a little TV. It only has an antenna (which only picks up 3 channels), but we thought it would be fine for when he gets a little older. He has even started wanting on his bed to watch TV. He will get the remote and say “watch.” Luckily one of the three channels is GPBS Kids and plays kids shows all day. Anyway I included some picks the bed. We are still looking for a comforter.

DSC02245(rev 1) DSC02246(rev 1) DSC02247(rev 1) DSC02248(rev 0)

I hoping for a short two days! This week has been so long! Also my really good friend Amy had her baby Dylan yesterday!! I can’t wait to meet him!


Meg said...

Love the pictures. I keep forgetting to pick up a mirror..

I can't believe he just transitioned so well!! I just picture Cash getting up and walking around or standing at the door screaming to get out. We have already talked about bolting down his furniture :)

And defintely no judgement from me on the tv! We wouldn't get through car rides without our dvd player and elmo or dora!!

Madison said...

So cute!

BK said...

You always look so cute! Yay for the big boy bed, he's such a handsome fella! :-)

J said...

These pics are too cute! I can't believe he's in a big boy bed already. Awww!