Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We have WALLS!

Yesterday the walls started coming together!! Today all the interior walls were added!

Here is the tour!

The Living Room. Fireplace and shelves will be in between the windows.

DSC02121(rev 0)

The other side of the Living Room. This leads to a small hallway. The powder room is to the left and the Master Bedroom is to the right.

DSC02122(rev 0)

Tiny Powder Room. Contractor swears we can make it work! I am not so sure!

 DSC02123(rev 0)

Master Bedroom

DSC02124(rev 0)

Another view of the bedroom   DSC02125(rev 0)

Master Bath

DSC02126(rev 0)

Master Closet: Not as big as I was hoping. :(

DSC02127(rev 0)  

Dining Room: I wish I would have gotten a picture of the other wall. It has three big windows!

DSC02128(rev 0)

Pantry off the Kitchen: This will have a pocket door to maximize space.

DSC02129(rev 0)

Kitchen: The big gap is for French doors to a deck.

DSC02130(rev 0)

    Close up of the doors.DSC02131(rev 0)


DSC02132(rev 0)

Outside view!! The block will be covered with the same rock. There will be a second story added soon. It will be used for storage right now and later converted to more bedrooms.

DSC02134(rev 0)

Hope you enjoyed this tour. I will keep you posted on more updates!


BK said...

How exciting!!!

Rebekah said...

You guys are brave! We built a few years back and whew! I can't wait to see the finished product.